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When it comes to transportation system operations, you need an expert with years of experience and dedication.

With Beaubien Engineering, LLC, that is exactly what you will find. We are proud to serve cities and towns near Troy, MI, and across the nation with any road or traffic-related engineering services.

We can handle it all, from developing plans for transportation projects to establishing modifications of existing streets or highways. Our goal is to improve traffic flow, transportation efficiency, and citizens’ safety on the road.

Our Services

We are proud to offer municipal traffic engineering, highway design, and traffic system operations in Troy, MI, and across the country.

Municipal Traffic Engineering

Our goal at Beaubien Engineering, LLC is to use our years of experience and skill to help achieve safe and efficient transportation of people and goods throughout your city. With our municipal traffic engineering services, we can help you design highways and optimize your traffic and roadways.

We take the time to thoroughly research traffic flows and develop efficient ones, specifically for populated areas. Our projects include:

  • Designing traffic device installations such as traffic signals and signs.
  • Modifying existing traffic control devices.
  • Considering traffic safety.
  • Developing countermeasures to reduce traffic accidents.

Transportation Planning

When you plan transportation methods for your city, several boards and agencies can make the process time-consuming and overwhelming. Our transportation planning services can help define your future transportation planning goals and policies.

With our expertise and dedication, we ensure you will feel at ease with your transportation needs and on the right path. We will help you budget and plan accordingly as well. This will make it easier to schedule improvements and implement them down the road when needed.

Highway Design and Transportation System Operations

When it comes to designing and incorporating a highway into a city, you need expert assistance. Allow us to help you with your next city highway design project. We can handle everything from the planning and development to the construction and project completion.

In addition to our design work, we can create an operations plan to construct roads, bridges, and tunnels. The implementation of the traffic system operations for the road is crucial to bringing the entire project together. Our experts know what types of signals and signs are needed and their correct timing to ensure that traffic is flowing at maximum efficiency.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Throughout our busy cities, intelligent transportation systems can be beneficial minimizing traffic flow and improving daily navigation. These systems can help individuals make smart choices when choosing their transportation route.

Day-to-day life can become easier and crucial situations, such as mass evacuations, can be handled better by optimizing transportation methods. In addition to making it easier for people to make better transportation decisions, intelligent transportation systems can also involve surveillance systems.

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